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Details for Lake Metroparks Farmpark Membership Gift Certificate

$50.00 $60.00 $60.00 $75.00 $100.00 $125.00 $300.00 $500.00 $50.00 $60.00 $60.00 $75.00 $100.00 $125.00 $300.00 $500.00

Give the gift of a Farmpark Membership.
Gift membership certificates are available for purchase in amounts towards Farmpark membership levels. Gift certificates are valued at the amount listed on the certificate, recipient may incur additional fees due to membership fee increases. Each certificate is valid for redemption by recipient within 60 months of the date of purchase. Certificates can be redeemed online, over the phone, or in person at the Farmpark for a membership level price that matches the certificate or credit toward a higher level of membership. The certificate recipient is required to pay the difference if they elect to upgrade membership level. If a lower-priced membership is selected for certificate redemption, there is no cash/credit refunded for a price difference with the exception of additional membership purchases. Membership is activated at time of redemption of certificate. For more information about the membership levels and benefits, click here. Note: Certificates are redeemable for Lake Metroparks Farmpark memberships only.

Membership Levels

Individual - $50
Individual +1 or Dual - $60
Family - $75
Family +2 - $100
Contributing - $125
Sustaining - $300
Patron - $500

*This certificate is redeemable for a Lake Metroparks Farmpark Membership only.*